How to win the battle within

Recently, while reading a piece by Marshall Goldsmith, I was reminded of a very insightful principle one of my early coach/mentors taught me. During one of our sessions in the “Rare Book Room” at Eastern University, Dr. Harold Howard described to me the inner battle we all have. The battle goes like this… in the morning I plan to do a bunch of things that are important to me… finish my A tasks (back then we planned our days with paper and pen using an organizational system much larger than my current laptop), start three new B tasks, write 5 thank you notes, spe...

July 3, 2017

                                                                                                                                                          If you did a fully anonymous 360 review and all

those who repor...

June 19, 2017

So, what CAN we ask potential candidates without possibly stepping into the forbidden zone? It is becoming more challenging to enter into a reciprocal dialog without unintentionally opening a can of legal worms. What can make it more challenging is when an interviewee begins offering off-limits information. I have been in this very position and think, “NOOOOOOOO……..”.        

All right, that’s a slight exaggeration, and I certainly do not react that way. Instead, I direct the conversation back to more appropriate information.

The traditional interview questions cab be bor...

Loss of the leader does not have to be a CRISIS!

The burgeoning field of interim leader has emerged to fill the gap created by the loss of the key leader in organizations. The loss of a key leader can be devastating, especially if the leader is the founder or has been an inspirational leader for a significant length of time. A planned succession is of course preferable but not always the way things go; utilizing an Intentional Interim Leader may be an effective solution even within a planned succession.

The most vulnerable organizations are small to mid-size businesses and non-profits. These...

April 16, 2017

As an HR professional I have to admit hiring is not my favorite sport. Yet, I believe it is the single most important decision a company makes when building a team, or at least ranks right up there. If you’re going to go through the process of hiring, ROI should be a key factor. A great hire adds to the company and team; conversely, a poor hire yields a poor ROI as I wind up going through the hiring process all over again. So, over my decades in HR I’ve become quite good at screening and reading people before they become employees. Because, once they’re on board….it’s a different ball game...

Leaders actively create tension for and with their team by consistently holding before them a new/better future. Good leaders accomplish this by creating and sharing a compelling vision. It’s not enough to simply share the vision of the organization with the team; the leader also creates the vision of a change initiative that paves the way towards the overall vision.

“People have to become comfortable in discomfort.”

For many of a leader’s followers their own internal IOS (Internal Operating System), or mental models desire to set in stone how things are done now and they find comfort in sus...

March 24, 2017

The dynamic of people in the workplace is an interesting behavior to observe; I had the not so enjoyable experience of observing such choices from a gurney. And, yes, I do believe how we behave is a choice. Yep, at a way too young age, I had my right hip replaced… two and a half times!! So, some of it was self inflicted (way too much running) but going through three significant surgeries, two of which were “crisis” mode, provided the opportunity to observe some interesting human and leader/manager behavior.

“How we behave is a choice.”

My second and most extensive surgery resulted from fract...

March 7, 2017

While working for  a traditional batch manufacturer in the early 2000’s we faced many of the typical challenges - bloated inventory, many interruptions in flow, frustrated team members, missed shipments, cash flow challenges, and so much more. Then we saw lean in action and it changed our paradigm.

Challenges are inevitable when you begin such a significant transformational journey. The first major impact was to the employees, and it was a doozy; how we paid our team has been using a piece rate system. When we implemented one of the first major changes, it was eliminating piece rate and mov...

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September 17, 2017

April 16, 2017

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