Who are we? What do we do? Why do we do it? 

We’re a group of fun and passionate people that found a common passion for lifelong learning and helping others overcome barriers to continued growth and development. Though we share many similarities our backgrounds are diverse. Jean is an expert in project management, Shawn in business strategy and culture development, and Andrea’s domain is strategic and operational human resources.

What’s our Why? It's simple: through our own work together we discovered our main commonality was helping others achieve their personal and professional best! In the business world, this shows up as goals and objectives set for employees and teams, or ourselves through our role in the organization. Often, we're faced with unforeseen challenges or opportunities and people just aren't sure how to overcome or leverage them when they appear. Our years of experience in various leadership, operations, and human resources roles combined with the benefits of lifelong learning has resulted in successfully impacting the lives of those we work with. What do you do when you discover passion and synergy between three people? You take that discovery and turn a passion into a profession.  

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Shawn Wolf, DSL

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Jean Radish, MBA, PMP

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Andrea Vaughan, SPHR

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