Project Management

Using a consultative approach to ensure understanding and alignment with your corporate culture, our team tailors the following courses relating to project management and project success factors:


"The Accidental Project Manager"


Many employees find themselves in the position of managing projects without an understanding or familiarity of how to increase the likelihood of project success. This is a basic level introduction to project management concepts and skills. It includes methods, tools, and templates to help the project manager and the team achieve results. If you are managing projects “by accident”, we want to help reduce your stress, increase your "likeability", and get results.


Project Management for Executives


Senior managers must be aware of the project management environment they are creating in their organizations. What needs to be done to manage the ever-present limited resource allocation and what is the method to prioritize projects based on strategic alignment? As project sponsors, what are the responsibilities of senior managers and what must they do to positively impact project results and ROI?


Project Management for Lean


Learn how to ensure clarity of project purpose, identify and eliminate waste in your project process and increase project value flow based on Lean foundations of teamwork and respect for people. Project managers can use the tools of daily visual management, accountability boards, and even standard work to coordinate Lean and project management efforts.


Recovery for Troubled Projects


Ugh. The project is heading in the wrong direction. We can provide the insights to know how to identify when that is starting to happen, what actions to take to get the project back on track (which admittedly may not be comfortable) as well as engaging in discussion around available tools, tips, and templates to prevent a recurrence.