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Nexum HR provides guidance and support for human resource issues. We’re the ideal partner for entrepreneurs, small businesses without a dedicated HR person, or the larger business that may have someone overseeing the HR function while juggling other tasks. We get it – hiring a full-time HR expert is costly so the duties are often absorbed by others, including the owner, President, or Office Manager. That’s when Nexum HR is an ideal solution.

With 20+ years of experience in HR administration, compliance, recruiting and onboarding, employee relations, compensation and benefits administration, performance management, and staffing – we can design a service package that fits the unique needs of your business.

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HR Audits

Get ahead of the game and be prepared before someone from the IRS, DOL, or OSHA shows up at your door and lets you know they’re there to inspect your records. Compliance violations can be costly. Partner with a certified HR professional to review policies, practices, and procedures. Our goal is to identify gaps and trouble spots and provide sustainable solutions that help you improve. Ineffective HR policies, practices, and procedures can hurt your business. Set your business and employees up for success by ensuring your HR function is compliant with state and federal requirements.

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