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People are a company's greatest asset. Their commitment to the business, work, and team matters. 

It is normal for employees to experience challenges. These may appear as inadequate performance, misunderstanding of policies or benefits, or conflict with peers.

Often, the need for HR services doesn't appear until one of the above occurs. Most start-ups or small to medium-size businesses can't afford a full-time HR professional.

That's where Nexum HR comes in. We offer services to close this gap as your trusted HR partner.

Process & Procedure

Process & Procedure

Without processes and procedures employees are left to figure things out on their own. This can lead to wrong decisions, poor performance, low employee morale, bad attitudes, and turnover.

A process or procedure provides an employee with the necessary information to ensure they understand company policies, know what steps to follow when performing human resources-related tasks, and are informed about their responsibilities as an employee and member of the team. 

An informed employee is a better, safer, and more engaged employee.

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Performance is much more than completing tasks on time and checking the quality box. Employees have a level of energy, often called discretionary effort, that changes the game. But, to tap into this requires a great employee experience that reaches the heart, creates psychological safety, and a sense of belonging and purpose. 

With the right employee onboarding program and experience, a thorough understanding of the position expectations and deliverables, and a performance development system designed to guide and adjust in real-time (versus the often demoralizing and punitive annual review) to maximize success, a culture of learning, support, encouragement, trust, and respect develops.

A culture like this is a culture of performance.

Expert HR Support & Solutions for Small to Medium Size Businesses

Most small and growing businesses cannot afford to hire a full-time HR professional. Yet, this doesn't mean HR isn't necessary. If you experience any of the below, Nexum HR can help:


  • HR isn't really being handled by anyone

  • Or, if it is, HR is part of their other "main" duties and the person doesn't have training in HR

  • You don't have and don't believe you need an employee handbook, job descriptions, etc

  • One or a few employees aren't performing up to par or have attendance issues

  • Your employees have questions that "feel" like HR stuff, but you aren't sure how to answer them

  • You aren't sure if you are hiring the right people, or if your hiring process is compliant

  • You want to fire an employee but are not sure how to handle it

  • You have some concerns that the company is not legally compliant (I-9s, applications, personnel files, policies, etc.)

  • HR issues take you and others away from the core business

  • You worry that you are going to be sued or audited

  • HR is a burden that no one in the company knows how to deal with 


If any of the above statements sound familiar, it's possible your business could use a little help. Nexum HR is your ideal partner. Our combined experience of over 20 years means we can serve you and your needs in a variety of areas. Don't tackle human resource issues alone - reach out to our team for support.

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