Lean Implementation

 Our team has extensive experience implementing and leading a Lean workplace. While we understand theory and application of the many Lean tools, our keen focus is assisting organizations toward creating and sustaining a Lean culture. Anyone can implement tools and feel like they are doing the “lean thing” but the hard work and the illusive aspect of mirroring Toyota’s success is developing and sustaining a Lean culture. Developing people to embrace and leverage tools like 5S, KanBan, Kaizen, VMS, Value Stream Mapping, JIT, CI, 2-Second Lean, and Kata are just a handful of Lean tools that when embraced and leveraged by the people, can have amazing results! 


For those who are unfamiliar with lean, it is a philosophy of leading, managing, and operating an organization to maximize customer value, engage in continuous improvement of all processes, and as a result - removing non-value added waste. Operational excellence or becoming world class has been the phraseology often used to describe organizations that are successfully employing Lean.


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