Fractional Leadership Model:


Outside-Force will join you to provide support, leadership, direction, and so much more, collaborating with the organization without “taking over”. We utilize the skills and strengths of the team you have in place to maintain stability while ensuring our presence is to facilitate successful transition and growth.




Our team will evaluate your situation. This phase does not need to take long and will provide you and our team valuable information about how to move forward.


  • The assessment process will inform our team about the best course of action.

  • The intent is to gain a solid understanding of your people, culture, customers, and goals.


Plan Development


  • We will build a comprehensive plan around your goals and our assessment.

  • We will communicate with you and your team how we will move forward.

  • A project-planning map will be developed including timelines and deliverables.


Typical Engagement Components


  • Our team will be comprised of one to four experts depending on the need.

  • We will be on-site up to full-time according to the project plan

  • Individual and team assessments will likely be utilized as a part of the coaching/development work with your team.

  • Strategic plans will be reviewed, changed, or developed if you do not have one.

  • Open and collaborative communication is a hallmark of our work.

  • Evaluative work on policies, procedures, systems, and programs.



Building healthy organizations is the passion behind this work.

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