Outside-Force Creating Change
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Our certified coaches assist clients in discovery… discovery of their strengths, motivators, and goals. We help clients work through the cycle of planning, executing, and evaluating as they move their work, business, and life forward toward achieving exciting and fulfilling goals.



Often we find that our clients are successful but are hitting roadblocks, speed bumps, or other challenges and they need a trusted advisor to process. Also, we have experienced leaders in need of assistance as they go through transitions or they have a new business idea and need help managing the complexity and navigating their way.


Whatever the situation, we are here to ask insightful and challenging questions to guide our clients as they move forward to achieve exciting goals.


Our coaching approach is relational.

We use assessments when appropriate for self-discovery and clarification. 


We coach in these main categories:














Executive Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Performance Coaching
Transition Coaching
Life Coaching